KERA Features

Tinder meets Uber for Escorts
on the Blockchain.

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Global Platform

Single web-based, censorship resistant hub for adult companionship.

Private & Secure

Blockchain technology to store encrypted information and provide peer-to-peer instant transactions.

KERA phone app

Intuitive Interface

Well-known mobile gestures have been implemented to improve user experience and ease of use.

Real Time Interactions

Encrypted text, audio and video communication allow users to interact in real time with service providers.

The KERA Method

How Does It Work?

KERA makes it easy to find and book companionship in less than a minute.

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  1. 1
    Find an Escort

    Browse through hundreds of verified, detail-rich profiles. Save your favourites for later and follow their updates.

  2. 2
    Book an Appointment

    Message the Escort directly or use KERA's Instant Booking feature for real time bookings.

  3. 3
    Have Fun!

    We don’t need to tell you what to do now, right? Have fun and be safe!


We are thrilled to be the first global compensated dating platform using blockchain technology to provide users security and privacy.

Encrypted Network

Encrypted Information

Adoption of elliptic-curve cryptographic (ECC) key-pairs ensure the unbreakable privacy of records and logs.

Decentralized Storage

Decentralized Storage

Our files are stored on several hundred servers across the world, with no single point of failure.

Blockchain Technology

Blockhain Technology

Secure, private and irreversible transactions give users an extra layer of privacy and security when using KERA.


Access VIP Escorts

You don’t need to hand over your personal information to find and hire companionship reliably.

Privacy Guaranteed

Anonymously does not mean lack of security, KERA's blockchain technology allows users to use the platform without providing personal information.

100% Verified Profiles

Collateralized registration guarantees veracity of service providers profile information.

Join the Crowdsale
KERA for Clients
KERA for Escorts

Make More Money

With the first platform offering blockchain level security to both parties, peer-peer-topper communication and a broad range of new services for escorts to offer.

Superb Exposure

Quality Media

Safe & Private

Complete Profile

Realtime Interaction

Guaranteed Payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is KERA different?
We are the first Escort on Demand platform to embrace the blockchain technology to provide security, privacy and peer-to-peer payments. By consulting with hundreds of clients and service providers, we realized that centralized platforms are often unreliable, expensive and don’t deliver on their promises. KERA is here to disrupt this market.
Yes and No. Clients will never need to install any application on their phones, our native web application behaves as a mobile app, but leaves no trace on the users phone. Service providers on the other hand, will be able to install our exclusive app on their mobiles to offer extra services and access premium features.
Crowdsale generally happens before a project has officially launched its service. It is designed to generate funds for the development of the project, helping to pay for software developers, marketing budgets, and all the other things that a startup needs.
KERA’s crowdsale is first-come, first-served oriented, so you can only invest on it if there are slots available, visit our crowdsale site here to learn more about it.
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